You need strong assessment skills to do this
September 22, 2015

I am a retired er nurse I worked er for 28 years of my 32 year service. It was the nurses responsibility to alert and directed the physician to the most critical patients, You need strong assessment skills to do this, one young er nurse told me you have the best gut instinct for which pt. are really ill. I replied it has nothing to do with a gut feeling, it is knowing. The color of a patients skin, the way they move and many other small things that you learn from seeing many times. The movement of administration to rid themselves of older, slower nurses is just crazy. Our Er now has 1 nurse that has 10 yrs exp. and the rest are young and have less than 5 years, but they are young pretty and smile sweetly so they can get high pt. scores.. Little does the patient know they could be in big trouble if they have a serious problem.