We catch and ask for correction of mistakes
September 22, 2015

I’m an LVN. NICU, PICU, ICU. I believe that many people do not realize that nurses do not always do what the “Drs orders” say right away. What I mean by that is…1. We catch and ask for correction of mistakes. 2. When doc orders Mr. Smith to have laxatives, stool softeners, etc, BID, we are the ones that KNOW it is NOT needed. 3. When doc says, “Ambulate pt TID”….WHOA! Her feet haven’t hit the floor in a month! People don’t realize WE are the connection between them and their MD. Most often, when they ask for something ridiculous, then insist they must see their doc to ask him themselves, the MD often asks US first what we recommend. Just sayin’, we do more than bow down and say Amen. We play a more active roll in their decisions that effect their care than most folks realize.