We are jack of all trades for patient care.
September 22, 2015

Float/pacu RN and NP student: When you hear about our day it doesn’t sound so busy. What most people don’t realize is it’s not one patient at a time. It 2-6 patients at a time. And we’re not specialized. We are jack of all trades for patient care. We have to know a bit about everything: nutrition, PT, OT, RT, ST, rehab, HHC, SW, psych, transport, CNA, lab, ekg, pharmacy, medicine, etc.  so we have 50 things we must be aware of for 5 pts, then each pts needs – family, pain, shower, dressings, ordering a meal, med reconciliation, discharge by 10am,no info to aunt Sally only to grandma Jo, education, etc. And then the hospitals/ govt demands: hcaps, vaccines, charting, core measures, hourly rounding, what dept gets what kind of report method, etc.