Our ‘job’ comes from our hearts and through our hands
September 22, 2015

RN for 34 years, requiring ongoing continuing education, certifications. Have cared for patients from birth to death, including the famly in aspects of care when appropriate. I have held severly premature babes until they pass, whispered into the ear of an unconscious person who was terrified the moment they lost consciousness. Have held onto the family members collapsing under the grief of losing a loved one, and rejoiced with the patient and family over the birth of a long-awaited baby. Have recognized a P.E. on a 17 day post-partum mother walking into the ER short of breath. Spent the evening with a family whose beloved mother passed peacefully in her home, and laughed and cried with them during their stories. Washed the feet of the homeless man brought in by ambulance.Stayed at the bedside of the child in Pre-Op who had a pair of scissors in his head from jumping off the couch with scissors, so he wasn’t further injured before surgery. Took a ‘nurses’ kit’ to the child of a home health patient who was interested in what I was doing. Patients remember me, families remember me. I am not unlike many thousands of nurses speaking on this forum whose ‘job’ comes from our hearts and through our hands.