Nurses pull arterial lines… were freakin athletes!
November 12, 2015

Nurses pull arterial lines… were freakin athletes! That big ‘ole artey, you know, the aorta; it essentially carries blood from the heart to THE WHOLE BODY… ok. So if someones Blood pressure is 130/85… how much force does it take to stop the bleeding from that hole in your femoral artery? Quick calculation says > 135 mmhg… the force has to be higher than the bp… I’ll increase the nitroglycerin drip for another 15 mins first to see if that brings the bp down a little. Come back, activated clotting time is now less than 150 secs!!! yayayyy… bp is now 118/75, and NSR on monitor, Spo2 96%… pt AA & 0. Give 2 mg IV Morphine, explain to patient for 3 rd time that its “kinda painful when I pull it out, then I have to hold pressure manually for at least 25-30 mins”…. ABP on for every 3 mins, fluids within reach in case I have to compensate for any drop in bp, check… all systems go… snip stiches, flush line, fast flush, site looks beautiful, no swelling, no bleeding. Locate pulse… me, feeling around groin… there it is … “ok sir you ready, pull line, hold pressure with thumb…. yep, I dont “mash” on anyones groin. If you have a good hold on that pulse, you can stop bleeding from an artery. Me, holding for 30 mins. Making small talk, continuous monitoring of all vs and pt. response…. awesome…. beautiful. Next! Post Care of a femoral artery discontinuation. Wait…. thats not the end… you now have to continue to have patient lay flat, checking that fermoral site at least every 5 mins X 15, then up to Q 15 mins X 2 hrs….. this is one of your 4 – 5 patients per day. Smile…. This is an awesome job. Cardiovascular Surgical nursing is awesome….