I’m a scientist
November 12, 2015

I’m a scientist. Your potassium level is 5… I’m going to hold your potassium, call your doc, let him/her know, that yesterday your k was 4.5, ¬†You took your lasix yesterday. Yes, Dr. i gave the 20 of lasix just now. You have him on 40 KDUR BID, yes, he got last nights dose. Ok, so you want me to give another 20 by mouth lasix times one dose, decrease KDUR to 20 meq BID, starting first dose TONIGHT, after obtaining chem 7 first, and only restart the KDUR if potassium is less than 4. Doc, do you want me to call you with the C7 results? No. ok. I’ll place the order for C7, and write the orders, and let the patient know I’ve spoken to you. Thanks Doc. Have a great day.