I’m a skilled clinician… I make it look easy, because I love it.
November 12, 2015

Getting an admit from Cardiac Cath lab. This makes 5 patients. Stress!!! Walk quick to room, turn down bedding, raise bed away from wall. Look at report sheet. 50 y/o male, hx of smoking, NIDDM, obese (wait, he weights 100 kg, about 220 lbs, I wonder how tall he is?). Walk and grab pressurized tubing, pressure bag, 500 ml saline. Spike bag, flip upside down, insert into sleeve of pressure bag, into room, no pole, dam. Go get pole. turn on montors, all cables present, dam, missing one…. on the hunt for a cable for spo2 monitor). Score! found it. Yayyy… back to room, zero bed, write on whiteboard all necessary info. That was a quick, here comes patient. Cath lab ready to drop and run. Awesome. Patient is awake and smiling. Hi, my name is Judy. I’m going to be your nurse. If you dont mind, I have to keep checking this pesky IV in your groin. Sorry, let me feel, peel back dressing, look, feel, no bleeding, site soft!! Score! “your site looks great”. But, you have to stay flat for possibly the next 4-6 hours depending upon when I can remove the arterial line in your groin… sorry… but look, I brought ice cubes… I know your thirsty. Are you naseaus? Ok DO NOT LIFT YOUR HEAD OR MOVE YOUR RIGHT LEG>>>> really, the IV there is crazy important. It’s in the artery leading from your heart…. while I’m connecting the a line to the monitor to check the bp… This scenario takes 15 mins…. everday, every hospital, every state. I’m a skilled clinician… I make it look easy, because I love it. Thats my job. That is nursing. Smile….