Okay, so now the vision has become a reality and a nurse who tried to fully practice her profession is being taken to task by a doctor who apparently disagreed and an organization that apparently doesn’t support our right to grow. Let me explain.
Amanda Trujilla is being taken to task for educating a patient by telling her she had an alternative to a liver transplant. That there was an alternative and she had a right to make a choice. The hospital fired Amanda and here we are back to where we were years ago. As I recall, I was threatened many times with loss of license, but somehow I still have it. Fighting the status quo is pretty dangerous, especially when you’re taking people into unknown territory. Both by acting as though nurses are equal to doctors, and by pitting nurses with a calling against business with a bottom line. Now we have a real battle. Using the end of life decisions and patients’ right to determine their own treatment, “Death” becomes the battlefield and makes the unknown even more frightening. So here we are. Is it David and Goliath all over again?
Or is it the myth of equality over the reality of the status quo?
Anyway, I feel we owe any nurse who chooses to stand for her ethics and her vow of patient advocacy our support. She’s fighting for something more than herself – a bigger vision.
As I understand it, Amanda explained to her patient another option. She told her about the comfort Hospice care offers. Most doctors I know are completely phobic about death. Death is the “enemy” and Hospice acknowledges that sometimes we’re powerless over death. So a lot of doctors are not crazy about Hospice. Of course, some doctors who’ve made peace with Death know how invaluable Hospice is for patients and patients’ families.
Most experienced nurses know that death can be a promise, it’s not only a threat. And what Amanda did is give her patient a choice, according to her own belief. I believe she was trying to serve the patient’s needs. But doctors, not nurses, bring patients into a hospital which is much better for the bottom line.
So there we have a choice. Just not mine. Or many other nurses I know. Please read about Amanda on Nerdynurse.com, Icoachnurses.com and Innovativenurse.com and NurseUp. See what you think.
If you have an opinion you can tweet about it under #Nurseup or go to our cause page on facebook called NurseUp. Let’s show that we can support each other. And then let’s write to our Nursing Organizations and find out, as we grow, will they? Will they take a stand, for us? And education is not enough to make us a profession. And though respect can’t be demanded, it can be commanded, and most of us have earned that!