I spent hours this last week reading over the fines that were levied on the pharmaceutical houses for “bad or contaminated drugs” or drugs that were used for symptoms other than what the FDA approved. Then there were the articles on Fierce Healthcare, NY Times etc. about the outsourced generics that did not contain the right amount of ingredients, or were not manufactured under the most sanitary conditions. Then there was the Glaxo Puerto Rican plant that had to be shut down because of the terrible conditions under which they were manufacturing drugs. Also, there were the faulty hips and the unnecessary stents put in hearts that didn’t need them and I don’t want to forget either the lobbyists or the Dollars for Doctors. So why is it that we don’t want this system changed. Why is it we don’t want this kind of greed and corruption subject to the same laws that the rest of us are held to? Why is it that we would prefer lobbyists who pay our congressmen and senators to do what’s against our own good? Rather than a government overseer? Has anyone in Washington even read their own policy? I can’t believe we shouldn’t get together a petition and write to our representatives and tell them to stop messing around and get on with the business of Life before they wind up killing us all!