It was one of those ordinary beautiful days in the Kingdom of Change… and Magic, the Last Unicorn, had spent the whole morning prancing around the flower filled meadow talking and playing with the butterflies, the birds, the bees and the squirrels before he decided to take the Crystal Road home to the Castle of Hope. It had been a good day! He was tired, but happy.

As Magic trotted along, he daydreamed about the day he could sprout his crystal rainbow horn again and project his holograms against the clear blue sky – at least to his friends back at the Castle. He was humming a happy tune when suddenly, he was stopped short by the vision before him.

There sat a young woman on a flat rock, crying inconsolably. She looked young, but then when you’ve lived as many lifetimes as Magic, almost everyone looks young. Her face was covered by her hands as she sobbed so hard that her whole body shook. Magic watched as her tears fell onto the rock she was sitting on and ran down in a small trickle onto the grass, forming a narrow stream which began to make its way across the meadow behind her. Magic was amazed, but he was also saddened by this young woman’s misery.

The Good Hearted Nurse never lifted her head though Magic stood right in front of her, so he coughed a few times to make her aware, but still nothing. Then he tapped his hoof a few times, as though knocking on the invisible door which surrounded her. He didn’t want to startle or embarrass her. But finally he knew he had to speak. “Excuse me, my beauty,” he said. Magic’s voice was as sweet as a violin. “Can I assist you?”

Startled the woman raised her head, dropped her hands into her lap and looked at him. Then she blinked her eyes several times. “Are you for real?” she asked.

Magic was going to snort like a trumpet, for what kind of a question was that to ask, he wondered. But then he tried to put himself in her place. After all, he was a rainbow colored unicorn with the voice of a melody and she was a stranger sitting in the middle of the vast unknown. He should have introduced himself before he spoke.

“Hello, my dear desolate,” Magic said, again, in his soft musical voice, “I have no idea about the nature of your unhappiness, but if I can help in any way, I would truly like to. Is there anything you’d like to share? Sometimes, I’m told, talking helps.”

“How can you help me?” she asked. “You’re a horse and I’m a nurse. I was born a healer and helping people was my biggest dream. For so many years I served those who were ill, and had a lovely time. I surely helped them get well. Even when they didn’t heal physically, I was able to keep them company and heal those secret lonely places within so that they were happy whenever we were together.”

“Sounds fresh hay getting good,” Magic said. “But what went wrong? Why are you crying?”

“I’m crying because everything I dreamed about is disappearing so quickly I can’t find my place in it. I can’t stop it, I’m so lost. I want to help, I want to hold, and touch and comfort those who are sick and dying, old and young alike, and yet, I’ve been chained to a desk, buried in paperwork forced to write about everything instead of doing anything. What’s worse, I know some of what I have to do is not healing and everytime I say something, I’m ordered to keep my distance by the Academy of the Soldiers of the No. They seem to run everything.”

Magic just shook his head in sympathy. “I’m afraid I’ve heard this story before,” he said.

The Good Hearted Nurse frowned. “You did? From whom?”

“My best friend, Holio,” Magic explained. “He was the handsomest horse and the best friend I’ve ever had.”

“What happened to him?” The Good Nurse asked.

“They gave away his golden buggy,” Magic said simply.

“Why?” the Good Nurse asked.

“Cars….” Magic explained. “Cars…”

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