One of the perks of spending years nursing, taking care of others’ family members, is that when the end was coming for both my mother and father, my family and I allowed them to die at home. It was because of all my experience with other patients I fell in love with that I made certain my own mother and father (and me as well) had a living will with DNR written way before time in exact details and encouraged them as soon as they got sick (my father was almost 80 and my mother was 95) to tell all of us exactly what they wanted. Both wanted to die at home with those they loved around them. Both died peacefully without struggle and with great grace. And that was due to all of us, including the hospice nurses and the grandchildren who all came to help toward the end. It was a very good death for both of them, and even the doctor came to visit often. Afterward, I asked that same doctor how he would want to die, and he answered, “Just like your mother did.” Maybe with health care reform, more people will be able to take care of their dying family members at home. A great gift of intimacy, and hopefully a place that we can all have the help of those caring hospice nurses and doctors who helped support the rest of us as our loved ones die. Thank you all.