Bribery or Lobbying?
Okay, I don’t get it. There’s all this squabbling and threatening about the dangers of not raising the debt ceiling…threat, threat, fear, fear, bullshit.
Bush raised the ceiling 7 times during his admin and nobody fell over dead!
I’m amazed that our representatives can’t see that by stopping corruption we could cut the deficit and have an excess of government money, but no one seems to consider that an option. All we’d have to do is limit the greed. I’m not even considering eradicating the greed, let’s be real. But just cutting it down to a reasonable level!
So we’re going to hit on Social Security and Medicare instead of limiting lobbying and self interest and the

overwhelming profits of the insurance and pharmaceutical houses? We’re going to let them keep bribing Congress and call it lobbying and we’re going to pretend Congress is representing the PEOPLE. They don’t represent me.
Even at my worst, I wouldn’t steal from the poor, the disabled, and those who had contributed to our society to gain the kind of money that would give me more than I needed, while they had less.
Even more important I then wouldn’t consider myself “progressive” or “evolved.” So why are we considered one of the leaders of civilization? It’s an arrogance. We have gotten so filled with ourselves or whatever, that we have forgotten all the lessons of history. Didn’t advanced civilizations go down before us? Didn’t Rome and Egypt go down because of greed and infighting and the division of classes? How are we different? How have we evolved? What have we learned?
Our most conservative leaders keep talking The Constitution, the Bible etc. but I don’t notice them following the Judea Christian values of the Christ. What happened to the “fishes and the loaves?”
Could you imagine Jesus not raising Lazarus because Lazarus didn’t have insurance? I realize that things are not as simple as way back then, but principles are not as complicated either.
Traditional values? Am I my brother’s keeper? Why is are those principles no longer applicable? And if not, why is it not mentioned that while the budget has increased, so has the aging population? There is a correlation here. More people, cost more money.
So I just figured that I had to tell what doesn’t make sense to me and ask why conservatives who believe in what they’re voting for don’t just join the rest of us and give up their special benefits and retirement advantages, and college for their kids and all the other perks they get from saying they “represent” the people.
Anyway, if the end of the world comes, or Armageddon is right around the corner, I’ll know that I lived by principles that didn’t make me any more special than anyone else.
The constitution I read never said all men are equal but some are “more equal” than others. Taking care of our “people” is a social contract of any progressive society. Once we break that contract, we better look at ourselves carefully. The problem with people who have nothing to lose, is that they have nothing to lose. I’d give them access to health care, every one of them. It’s little enough to offer each other as human beings.