Hey My Nurse friends…before I even ask, for anyone I insult, I want you to know it truly is not my intention. I just need your help.

Do you think nurses are complacent, apathetic or just exhausted and that’s why they can’t come together to change things? I’ve been doing this now (social media connecting) for over three years, nursing for over 30 and can’t decide.
Nurses are more reluctant to stand for themselves than housewives before feminism. I know that if all nurses would prioritize healing, rather than paperwork, that would become the standard. What if all nurses insisted they could only do the paperwork 20% of the time and that they were losing patients because less skilled people were taking care of them? If all refused to do more, then that would become the standard. Do nurses not recognize they’re being taken advantage of and that they can become more if given a chance? Do they not want the recognition cause it comes with too much responsibility? Do they mostly think of nursing as a second job, and their families first?
I don’t know if it’s because it all seems so hopeless, or because nurses have families and not enough time or if the nature of nursing itself is service and most don’t want to be activist to change anything. Patients themselves are the end game. Or maybe the Healthcare system today has about as much to do with healing as law does with Justice. Is it fear? Is it purpose? Or has the heart gone out of nurses because they can no longer be healers under the current system?
Can anyone help me understand?