Is it true that it was John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and Mitch McConnell who created Medicare Part D which according to the latest budget accountants causes 9.4 trillion in deficits to our current budget over the next ten years.
I don’t understand. Why would it be okay to support it at that time, suspend PAYGO, and then be so strident in your rhetoric now? Obamacare isn’t causing the problem as I see it, it’s the fix for your handiwork. But I may be wrong.
I would like to understand and be able to see from your perspective. Why would you cut programs when you had to be able to see that with more baby boomers growing older, there would be more spending needed? That can’t be a surprise. More older people, more medical spending.
I’m trying to understand why Republicans keep saying the President is addicted to spending when it was Republican debt that he inherited. I’m an Independent but I don’t get it. How is not providing Healthcare and letting the old, the poor and the disabled evidence of any American Tradition or any progressive society? I don’t see that as Socialism. Is this one of those Ayn Rand ideas?
Aren’t those who have money afraid that greed will take us all down the way it did the other great societies in history. I worry that Washington is getting robotized by “group think.” Reassure me, please…Thanks