A rich man and a poor man both eventually die. The same goes for women. Disease doesn’t know how much money a person has and it doesn’t know where class lines divide us.

Therefore, we have to think about this. Can we allow insurance companies to continue covering only those among us who make the most money and who have the greatest advantages in other parts of life – like Congress for example?

The most obvious problem is that in this day of superbugs, bacteria, and viruses, we are all becoming resistant to many antibiotics which treat our known diseases. That means that any one of us can catch a disease that will be spread to others of us by a cough, a sneeze or a touch.

In order for the rich, or those with insurance, to stay safe, we’re going to have to start building barriers and bubbles to protect us from each other. Those among us who do have insurance will have to remain separate from those who don’t, to ensure our survival, because we resist affordable health care for all of us. Then, it no longer becomes a moral issue, but a practical one.

In fact, I’ve been thinking that maybe this is where we’ll be shown how “Life” or “God” works the mysteries of Life and Death. The poorest among us may have an advantage over those of us who have had access to a doctor’s care, hospitalization, or prevention, because they’ve had to build up stronger immunity than those of us who have been able to go to a doctor regularly and get antibiotics and other treatments that pass for healthcare today.

I question it sometimes, why people who “have” don’t want to share. I wonder if it’s just greed or shortsightedness. I hate to think of it as dumbness or lack of vision that has allowed us to believe the false distinctions between each of us.

We can pretend that those with “less” don’t deserve the kind of care we do. The only problem with that is sickness doesn’t get it.

Therefore, worrying about the budget in regard to our children, is really not applicable in Health Care. For that concept to work in reality, the children of those who have insurance will have to be segregated from those children who have no insurance just to keep them safe. Does that seem reasonable? Or are we going to allow children in school only if they have good enough healthcare? Do we really believe that life itself will allow us to discriminate in this way? Isn’t that Darwinism?

What will we do about subways, buses, mass transit, and air travel? Who will be allowed to sit next to us on a plane. Airlines will have to add planes for those who “have,” and those who “do not have” health insurance, for we all breathe the same air.

I do believe that one day we will understand how connected we all are. We will understand that evolution demands that we all share the best of what life has to offer, and we will all realize that we are our brother’s keeper. Because the cost to all of us will be greater than we can imagine if we don’t consider each of us in this equation we call life.