Okay so I took as much time as I could, rattling around in my own mind, wrestling with my own thoughts, trying to find a place to put myself in today’s health care system. I mean I read, I studied, and I watched tons of videos and tried to put it all together into some kind of meaningful whole, but it kept falling apart and shattering like a broken mirror.

No matter how I try to make sense of it, I can’t find any justification for profiting so much from the misfortunes of the young, the old, the poor and the vulnerable. I know it’s the system of government we have in place. I know people who are sick still need care even if it’s brutal, impersonal, and steals away their life savings but I can’t see it as anything other than tyranny. I know that there are many doctors and nurses who serve with honesty, care and integrity and I admire them in the same way as I admire the soldiers who believe they are fighting for their country even though I don’t believe in war. In the system we have today, I just feel like a good Nazi in a bad system.

There’s a part of my heart and my soul that would have to be sacrificed if I were to work in today’s Health Care System. A part of me that would have to betray myself as well as the patients I want to serve. Because as corny as it sounds, I believe most of the people who go into medicine and nursing do it to serve others. They don’t do it for reasons of power and money—though I am aware that some do.

Still, there are easier ways to obtain both power and money. It’s easier to steal as a stockbroker, a member of Congress, a banker, a pharma CEO, or a mutual funds manager than it is to watch families go down because of medical bills they can’t pay without wiping out everything they’ve worked for their whole lives. At least with those jobs, you don’t have to hide your eyes to keep from watching others around you suffer while they disintegrate and die in pain. Or not die with any kind of dignity, because Congress hasn’t the slightest clue how regular people live or die. But that’s another moral issue we have no time for here.

I’m struggling to find a place to put myself in “time.” In this time and space. Where money means more than life itself, where we’re sending over our young men and women to be crippled and to die for causes they don’t even understand, and where we throw away lifetimes of experience by discarding our seniors and wisdom keepers because they are no longer “productive.”

Our leaders are either too dumb or too greedy to do anything about our problems because they’ve been hypnotized into “no think, no feel” in exchange for false safety while rocking on a raft of money that isn’t even real.

We’ve traded most truth for illusion. We’ve been frightened into believing that others are a threat to us, when the biggest threat to ourselves is our inability to take any kind of right action. We stand with trembling legs on uncertain ground in a field of fear. There’s no more fight or even flight…there’s only freeze.

So in a Quantum World –where we and everything in our world is energy, where all of us are One, what would a nurse do? What would she/he be? In my heart, she’d be the one with the courage to honor a heart that offered hope. She’d carry the intention of healing for everyone. He’d be the one who would pronounce a good outcome for all illness because he would know that healing isn’t only physical and that loneliness is one of the big killers.

Nurses in a Quantum world would not set boundaries that protected themselves and isolated those who needed their caring. Nurses would stand up to the oppressors and care for the vulnerable. They would remember to sing, to dance and to dream. Old values, newly revalued, would help those who needed it –understanding that the path to our own sanity and salvation, is in helping each other. And the false golden calf, the gods of money, would not enter into that equation.

But because I know many nurses and doctors have families to feed and student loans to pay, and outrageous mortgages….I know they walk in the quicksand of fear and so I want to offer more than I’ve just taken away.

In truth I am an optimist, believe in the spirit of humanity, think most people are good rather than evil, and that this is just a very dark unconscious time. I also know that we can all be a part of making it better. I’ve seen miracles, so I know they are real. I know there’s a Source bigger than we can see that is helping us learn and create a better tomorrow for those of us who want to play our part. So, I remind myself that even in this health care system, as bad as it is, there will always be healings because there will always be nurses and doctors who care enough to push past the institutional rules and their own boundaries to keep caring for the weak, the poor, the old, the sick, and the powerless. Those nurses know that if they share their energy, keep the lonely company, lay hands on the sick and dying in order to exchange their energy with those they choose to heal, good will win out and consume the apathy and the “stuckness” that exists in our systems and the 3D world of today.

I believe in you, in each of you who can hear the sounds of your own heart beating in harmony with the rhythm of this new world rising. Heal yourselves, heal each other, heal the planet… For if not us, who? If not now, when?