Mine favorite would be an old man whose neighbor called the fire dept cause she hadn’t seen him for a few days. When they got there, the poor old guy was lying on the floor dying. Anyway, they called an ambulance and brought him into the ER stat. There he arrested. The whole team fought for an hour to bring him back and they did. Everyone was so happy when he sat up during the night and began to speak and laugh.
Toward morning, he complained that he was hungry and asked if he could have something to eat. One of the nurses asked the ER doctor if he could have some chicken soup. Clear liquid and easy going down. The doc was so pleased with himself for saving the old guy, he said yes. The old man was thrilled. He said it was the best chicken soup he ever had. He asked for another. And reluctantly the nurse gave him another. He looked quite heavenly as he drank it, aspirated it, arrested and died for good. This time no one could bring him back. But he was still smiling.