I began this page to tell miracle stories, hero stories, and to try to recapture what made me be a nurse and a healer to begin with, but it was only the other day when my daughter asked, “What’s healing or hopeful on this page? And what are you trying to accomplish?
“Ah ha!” I thought, I have the answer to that. I always thought that sharing what was happening in the world of medicine now, would help us keep what was good, and change what we want to! Problem is that I kept finding article which was telling us what was wrong, not what was right about the “business” of medicine rather than what is wonderful about the art of healing. So in the past couple of months I’ve set up a couple of new sites, one called “Revolutionary Nurse” and the other called “NurseUp!” for healing. Most of the kind of posts that are now on Hopeful Healer will probably be posted on Revolutionary Nurse which I hope to make a resource guide for nurses to offer advice directly to patients about the important advice nurses would give to patients that they think patients need to know for good care. NurseUp! will be a nurse to nurse site which hopefully will allow bedside nurses, desktop nurses, and policy maker nurses to exchange some ideas and to revalue each time of nurse, to share their struggles, voice their complaints and find solutions that won’t compromise any of us ethically. So, this is a beginning of several new endeavors that I’m hoping will help us nurture ourselves and our patients. Check in often if you can, and let’s all make our health care better because we are the most important link in the health care system.