July 16, 2010 Blog


I wonder if you would be willing to help me?  A while ago I wrote a book called “The Nurse’s Story” which I figured would educate patients and change the image of nursing. The story hit the bestseller lists which surprised me and sold to 13 foreign countries.  It seemed like everyone wanted to know what nurses had to say.   Now as I read it, it reads like the very picture of “burnout or PTSD,” and I’d like to revise it.  So I’m writing to you today to ask how much nursing has changed since I wrote that book.  And I can explore more issues (and any others you want to suggest) if you can answer these three questions for me.


These questions are for all nurses – 


1) What do you feel is your biggest fear in nursing today? 

2) What do you find is your biggest challenge?

3) If you could do one thing to change nursing as it is now, what would that thing be?


Thanks so much for your help.  I really appreciate it.  

If you want to follow what I find out, check into my hopefulhealer.com site and just sign in.  I promise I’ll send only info that will help make your life better. 🙂  And you’ll get it before anyone else.


Carol Gino

ps.  I’m working on a guidebook for those at the bedside nurses and its important to me what you think!

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