*Nurses Are Healers*
Save the Nurses-They know the ART of Healing
Carol Gino* http://www.hopefulhealer.com• December 24, 2010

Hi Everyone and Happy Holidays:
What I wish for each of you in this coming year is everything you wish for yourself…and more!
May 2011 be all that you hope…with more pleasure and less pain. More joy and less sadness-and always- Purpose and satisfaction in the art of care taking.
This year what I’m going to get together and send to everyone on my list is a special program called “NurseUp! for healing.”
Healing ourselves as well as our patients. I have articles, gifts, meditations and bonuses and a roadmap to make it through the difficult days ahead. I’ll let you know when it’s ready.
The internet has leveled the playing field and so now each one of us will be able to add our point of view and with enough of us unifying, we’ll be able to bring the change to Healthcare that we want. I know I’ll do my part.
Have a really Happy Holiday…and a wonderful New Year!!
Carol Gino