Hi, this is Carol Gino, and I was wondering if you’d like a free book from my personal collection. It’s the book I wrote about my family and my grandson’s death from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. And the angel who came to help. It includes the 11 steps for healing grief and loss.

I’m moving everything from New York in the next couple of weeks and as I was going through my “stuff” I found about 50 books (hardcover by Kensington) of “Then An Angel Came” which was originally priced at $22.00.

The cover is different from the paperback which I’m reprinting because of demand (but everything else is the same) and I’m going to put it into digital format for Kindle and Nook and IBooks. So I was thinking I’d rather give them away to anyone who needed or wanted them on my list first. You’ll only have to pay the shipping costs.

I checked the shipping and packing charges and it came to $8.00 for anywhere in the US. And $13.50 for overseas. If the friends on my list don’t buy them all, I’m going to post this to several “grieving the loss of a child” sites before I post to the grief in general forums. Below is the website where you can order one, for shipping only.


Several parents told me this was a great help to them and so I’m hoping it helps you as well. If you know someone who has lost a child and can benefit from it please pass this on to them.


Carol Gino