I began this fight 27 years ago when I wrote the Nurse’s Story and got to go cross country doing TV, radio and print in 21 cities 3 different times. And though no one alone can make a difference, each one of us can. Now I have three online sites, I plan on taking all our problems to the American Nurses association and asking them who’s watching our back? And if they say nurses don’t support them, I’ll ask if nurses even know what the ANA does.
But as it is now, any one of us can help educate and inform the patients directly….online. I just started to post on “lay people’s” sites to let them know what’s going on…I’m going to run webinars and get nurses together. There are over 2 million of us, and we have to get over the idea that we’re powerless. We’re not. But we have to team up! Patients trust us more than any other profession but should they? Defenseless defenders are no good at all! And maybe one at a time, we can be slammed but it only takes the good to do nothing, for evil to prevail.
Now as we move into advanced practice, even more of us will be left hanging if we don’t have unions or other backing, so we’d better step up now.
Imagine if all the nurses called in sick for a few days? What would the CEO’s do? What would the patients do? Let’s talk about it! Come and let’s hash it out. You don’t even have to give your real name. I’ll cover for you. I’m also going to write to politicians etc. But we’re smart, and innovative. We should be able to come up with something, and not keep playing the same game! Let’s do it! Hey what if we get all the retired nurses to talk. They can’t get fired!!!