I wonder if any of you can help me?

I wrote a book called “The Nurse’s Story” which became a best seller because it spoke to the problems nurses were having at the time.  I did a cross country media tour and tried to change the image of nursing by telling the public how important nurses were to their well being.

I revised it in 1997 but many of the issues still seemed the same.  Pay was a little better but recognition was still not equal to the kind of responsibility we had to take. And many of the frustrations were the same. Now I’d like to revise it again or do a new book with new voices of nurses to keep up with nursing as it is now.

That’s why I need your help.  I was a nurse for 26 years. I started off as an aide, became an RN, went on to get a Bachelor’s and a Masters.  I know now even more how a nurse can impact a patient’s healing. So I have 3 simple questions to ask.

Can you share with me….