I don’t want to judge too quickly or to leave any stone unturned, so I was really thinking about it and wondering. “Are our professional organizations as disempowered as we are as nurses in the current corporate system?” Do they have to grow into their full power as policy makers? Is the ANA just misguided, are they deferring to the AMA as is a nurse’s habit? Or to the special interest groups of healthcare corps in Washington? What are they doing FOR us? I should know that without having to wade through legalese, and I should be able to sell it to the nurses who work in hospitals and homes so they’ll want to be members to bring the organization that brings them benefits more money so they can be more effective. I might have to call them just to make sure I really get it. Why don’t they know what we really have to do when we get finished with all the concepts and theories…in the real world of sick people caught in the turnstiles of the business or medicine?  Actually, even the President visits the troops to see what’s really happening. Isn’t it time that we made them accountable as they insist on making us accountable?  Why aren’t they responsible for dropping the ball on the purpose of the organization? If it’s to see that Nursing becomes a “profession” then shouldn’t they be supporting the nurses who follow their mandates to get better education so we can qualify to be professionals?  Why are doctors educated and nurses trained?  And why don’t we have better press so consumers know what we do?  I have so many questions, but the primary one I need to know is, “Are our organizations just out of touch or are they really out of line?”