Okay I’m willing to admit I don’t get it!  I keep hearing the buzzwords “Family Values” and yet here in Texas, (a big family values state) there is no individual insurance coverage that provides maternity benefits for a young woman.

 So it’s obvious to me that women are penalized for having a family. From my point of view, it doesn’t make any sense to make abortions cheaper than having children. And God forbid, a young woman opts for an abortion, because she can’t afford healthcare, they want her to see her “baby” and hear its heartbeat before she makes the decision. That sounds a lot like water-boarding to me.

          In fact, you can’t get individual health insurance which will cover pregnancy if you are a middle class intact family.

The idiocy of all of this is that if you have no husband and no insurance, and no job, and you can’t afford to pay for a baby, the state of Texas will pay for healthcare to take care of you.

 Still, they are horrified at the thought of regulating insurance companies so that young families who are relocating can pay for their own insurance to have babies.

          After much consideration, it’s not clear to me who it is who believes in family values.  Certainly, not the Conservatives in the State of Texas, or the Conservatives in Congress.

           I know a young couple who have recently relocated to Texas. Both are lawyers- both can contribute to the economy as soon as they get jobs, which they no doubt will, but now in Texas neither can’t get health insurance which would allow them to start a family they can grow in Texas.  This makes sense to whom?

    I imagine a day in the not too distant future, when there will be no young families in Texas.  In fact, the only people who will remain and live here, are the conservatives who don’t want to share, and the old white men in the legislature who already have great coverage for their wives and kids.  

          After trying to make sense of it for a while, I gave up because no matter how many ways I twist it there is no rational sense to this position.  Then, because I believe in the goodness of human nature, it occurred to me. Maybe lawmakers are not so much crooked as dumb.

          Everyone is standing firm for the Constitution but no one remembers the American Dream.