Well, my mind is pretty chaotic this morning. I have to decide how to fix the whole health care system. A little delusional no doubt, but I’ve got to give it another shot. Or figure out what nurses can do to help patients out. I was listening to one of my old interviews from over twenty years ago, and I’m saying the same things that I think now. It can’t be that nursing is in the same place, but according to all the forums I read, it seems to be. Only worse, cause now we’ve taken those of us who chose to climb the education ladder away from the patients’ bedside and made them employees of the “business of Medicine.” Oh God, I wonder how many little kids grow up wanting to be “supervisors” or “administrators” etc. And what do all healers that the corporate world tempts with money so they can live a better life, do with all those little kid wishes to be healers? Especially since some of what they have to do causes harm….egads!! An ethical dilemma!