We might have to set up a nursing think tank where we try to equalize our differences (between nurses who work at the bedside and nurses who work at the desk because they have more in common than they know) and move forward as a unified group. So far, the problem as I see it has been, that in order to “raise the image of nursing as a profession” we’ve had to move away from the bedside. Unfortunately, as we “progressed” we also inherited some of the same flaws as those who “ranked” high in the medical system. That is, we took on the jargon, spent less time, forgot the human element of healing. And yet, I’m sure those who never experienced the feeling of really helped someone get well, up close, lost much more than we’ve gained. Hopefully, we will learn the importance and the value of nurturance in healing, and respect those who do hands on care as much as we respect the degrees that we need to have to be respected today.