A Call to Action for Nurses-
Oh God, I feel like a historian today. LIke I’ve been around forever.
Over 25 years ago in my book “The Nurses Story” I wrote and spoke about the intimidation of nurses. Told all about the emotional costs of nursing on both patients and nurses. I feel like a woman before feminism, or someone before civil rights, where what we say can take away all our rights. What is going on? We’re like battered women/men standing by our man/doctor/hospital. I tried to see it another way. It’s not working! None of the nursing organizations have supported Amanda, even to say “We’re examining the situation in order to formulate a plan of action.” That’s sort of non-descript but it would allow us, as nurses, to know they had our backs. How have they got the nerve to require more education, more money spent, more responsibility, without growing as an organization and reassuring us that as we grow into expanded providers of healthcare, they’re there for us ? Otherwise, why would an intelligent, compassionate, woman or man want to be a nurse? Do you have to be a brain trust to see why there’s a shortage?