Featured Nurse: Kevin Ross, RN, BSN

He’s a nurse entrepreneur and he can help you see another opportunity for nurses.  Check out his site, read his blog and expand the horizons of nursing.

Kevin has over sixteen years of combined entrepreneurial and healthcare experience, including a couple of those years as a nurse in the Cardiovascular Surgical Intensive Care Unit (CSICU) at Johns Hopkins Hospital In Baltimore, MD. In fact, Kevin’s drive to learn from, and surround himself with the best motivated a move to Baltimore solely to pursue a career opportunity at Hopkins, where the Cardiology department is ranked #3 in the nation by US News and World Report (2011-12).

Never one to settle also meant a strong desire to combine his nursing experience and passion with his interest in technology and enthusiasm for entrepreneurship. These seemingly disparate interests are what led him to start a medical consulting company in 2007. Over the last four and a half years Spire Health Partners has evolved into an organization that provides advocacy services to a broad population of special needs adults and children. The company also provides wellness mentorship, childcare health and corporate wellness.

Kevin is passionate about helping underserved people and communities get the medical care and attention they deserve and need. To that end, he is involved in a variety of projects from small and grassroots to larger scale initiatives all with the focus of ensuring the health and safety of the clients being served.

Kevin also notes that in recent years he recognized a big shift in what he was actually consulting on. Originally his company had been hired to provide services to organizations in need of medical advocacy, mentorship and wellness support. Everyone who works with him quickly understood his constant need to evolve using various technologies.

He would take these patient centered calls and provide support just as he had always done, but the conversations never seemed to end there. The conversations started shifting to, “Hey, we need new computers, what do you recommend, or how do I get my phone to do that? Also, we need to embrace social media if we’re going to stay relevant, how do we implement this into our business?”

These same organizations that hired him to provide nurse consulting services started reaching out to discuss how they could implement similar practices into their businesses, so in essence he became a business/technology consultant as well. Instead of calling another consultant, they just called the nurse.

The obvious question always seemed to come up about how he came to be a business and technology consultant, and how he balances this with his medical consulting company. This became a very unique situation as he started receiving multiple contracts from organizations to not only provide the health and wellness services, but also provide guidance on how to run and grow a business.

So, being a serial entrepreneur and professed technology and social media enthusiast, Kevin started Innovative Nurse as a side project to share his experiences on “the road less traveled” as a nurse entrepreneur. The goal of Innovative Nurse has been to build a strong community for nurses to better realize their true potential in health care and their careers. Innovative Nurse only launched at the end of 2011, but in just a short time the response has been overwhelmingly positive proving out the theory that nurses are receptive to, and even seeking out, information and resources of this kind.

His passion for entrepreneurship isn’t easy to contain, and he spends countless hours researching the latest innovation and how to put it into practice. Receiving business advice from a nurse may be an unusual concept, but Kevin capitalizes on his assessment skills to “triage” a business. He consults for both health related and non-health related companies helping them achieve their goals to transcend and better meet the needs of their clients.

In the process of building Innovative Nurse, Kevin met and forged alliances with Anna Morrison of I Coach Nurses and Keith Carlson of nursekeith.com. The three quickly realized a collaborative approach could help reach more health care professionals looking to achieve their goals of entrepreneurship. Unbound Media Group, LLC was formed to help other businesses cultivate innovation, optimize brand architecture, and revitalize product and service delivery across multiple categories. You can listen in at RN.FM Radio on some of their strategies as they talk with other leaders and game changers in the industry.

Kevin is currently working on multiple projects that range from new corporate wellness strategies that break the mold of typical Employee Assistance Programs to taking advantage of his technological enthusiasm by reviewing and implementing new applications that help businesses grow their community and run more efficiently. Ultimately he’s focused on creating strategic partnerships that help various businesses (including his own) effectively collaborate and achieve meeting client needs while growing a successful enterprise that’s sustainable.

You can reach Kevin:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/innovativenurse
Email: kevin@innovativenurse.com
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/innovativeRN

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