Featured Nurse: Keith Carlson (Nurse Keith)


Being a nurse is in my blood (and in my family!). I love this profession and the many ways in which it has contributed to my personal and professional growth. I’ve been a nurse since 1996, and have specialized in home care, hospice, case management and public health.

Since becoming a certified coach in 2010, I’ve focused on offering professional coaching services to nurses and other healthcare professionals. With my own personal experience of successfully recovering from burnout, I assist nurses in improving their self care, preventing and recovering from burnout, and navigating the challenges of being a healthcare provider in the 21st century.

From novices to seasoned nurses, I love to hear your stories, reflect back to you what I hear, and guide you in identifying your strengths and areas for growth. My motto–“You take care of everyone. Who takes care of you?”–reflects the nurturing focus of my practice and the paradigm of self-care that I champion. Together, we co-create achievable goals and plans for your future, which often includes empowering you to create a life of balance, harmony, optimal health, and personal and professional satisfaction. Feel free to visit my website at NurseKeith.com, read about my coaching practice, and sign up for my newsletter and/or a complimentary coaching session!

In addition to coaching, I write Digital Doorway, an award-winning nursing blog, and co-host RN.FM Radio, the popular weekly internet radio show for nurses. I frequently post interesting articles and links via social media, so you can follow me on Twitter and like me on Facebook.

In 2013, I plan to offer individual coaching sessions as well as dynamic group coaching for nurses. Group coaching allows for an affordable and fun way to receive coaching support. In the group setting, you engage in growthful exercises and conversation that moves your career and your personal life forward in powerful ways.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, feel free to email me atkc@nursekeith.com!

Talking with nurses is one of my greatest joys, so please consider taking advantage of a complimentary coaching session with me to ring in the New Year! Happy holidays, and many blessings from Nurse Keith!