Day 8:

Yeah!!! Success in some measure. just found this site with great info about what Affordable Care will offer regular people. I mean seniors here!

Like 50% discount paid by the manufacturer (or rather they pay 50% so its more like cost sharing) whenever you’re in the Donut Hole.

I don’t know what brilliant minds came up with an idea of a donut hole?

But I do know that there are almost no brand name drugs offered in any of the Medicare Part D prescription plans. Almost everything’s gone generic. Too bad for me or anyone else who is allergic to generics…whether generic equivalents or generic alternatives.

And then of course, there’s “step therapy,” I find it outrageous that seniors can be treated like Lab rats! Why should we have to pay to try drugs we’ve already tried which could make us sicker. Everyone knows that drug tests are done -in reality-on people. Seniors may not recover from the side effects of these new drugs which often are less effective and more expensive than the ones we’ve been taking all along. And what happens to seniors when a drug they’re taking is recalled?

The good news is that next year, on brand names, we pay even less.

The Bad News is that as soon as most of us are taking generics (not me cause it will kill me) they’ll probably raise the prices. But then maybe they’ll be certain to make sure they’re FDA approved and made in the USA.

I really have to put a booklet together giving the good news and great tips!!