Day 2:

1- Researching the Medicare for Seniors book again. Every day for at least 10 hours.  Want to save others’ time!  Fourth full day in a row. Maybe I’ll call it “Survival Guide for Seniors-Part D.”

I have to try it myself before I can guide anyone anywhere if I want to stand behind the info. Otherwise I’m just spreading the propaganda.  I want this to be clear and easy to understand. That comes from my being a nurse and watching so many people in medicine make sick or old people feel dumb! I hate that.  I have studied it for 4 years now and I want to see if it has gotten better or worse this year.

2- I am going to have to put together a list of questions everyone should ask in order to get the real information. Questions are so important and too often we don’t know the right questions to ask.

3- Still no way to compare the ratings on the Medicare Plans because all the comparisons are not up on the site yet.

4- Will try AARP to see if they have the formulary up for 2013 in yet.

5 – Calling Licensed agent division of Medicare-1-866-249-6169- But I found out it’s only the one insurance company I’ve been transferred to.

6- On the phone from 3 PM to 6:02PM not bad.
Well I did call poor Richard from licensed agent division. He probably was thinking he was going to have a good day. Not so.
3 of my drugs need appeals, then 3 more need exceptions which include a letter from a doctor with reasons for the need, then other generics are covered.

Problem I see is that the exceptions and appeals can’t be sent in until you’re a member and can’t be decided until January 1, 2012 and the latest date to enroll in any plan is Dec. 7th. What? That’s like giving the insurance company a blank check!

You can’t ask a company that you’re not yet a member of to review an appeal or to consider exceptions. And there are no criteria for exceptions? This is legal? In what other business do you sign a contract and then find out the terms?