Day 4:

It’s late enough that I’m going to try to call the healthcare companies because now maybe I won’t have to wait hours on hold to get some information. They say they’re open 24 hours a day. I hope the person I get isn’t taking a nap!

Today they finally got the plan ratings up on the Medicare site, but too many of them say “too new to rate” so that doesn’t give any information.

But when I compared three plans, with at least 3 stars, there were none of my drugs in the formulary and still  the costs came to between $23,000 and $24,000 a year!

Worse than that because none of these drugs are in the formulary, none will count to get me out of the donut hole which is disgusting.  Thank God for Obamacare because this year at least the manufacturers have to pay 50% of my brand name drugs while I’m in the damn donut hole.

Now, I have to ask whether Boehner, McConnell and Cantor knew what they were doing when they said that pay-go should be suspended and pharma houses costs shouldn’t be contained because of free market.

I am now going to write to all of them….

I worked as a nurse for over 20 years, I paid taxes for much longer, I contributed to my world and my society, and I get less than two thousand in Social Security each month.  So that’s why Medicare is going bust because the government has to pay my social security to the drug companies?

I need to take a break for an hour to watch some TV and stop my brain or I’ll be enraged at how “Congress” is treating me.

I gave them all I had for years, and now this is how they treat me expecting me to have no sense or energy  to fight with them while they rob me of my heart and soul?

Do I want to spend my golden years in a relationship with Medicare?

Do I want to use up what I have left getting sicker because insurance companies want to practice their new drugs on me with step therapy?

No, I’ve done that. One time they closed my throat, another time I hemorrhaged and had to spend 7 days in the hospital because I was allergic, and then they write long articles about patients being non compliant!

What I don’t want is to be a lab rat testing their generic drugs.

What I do want is some sanity in the implementation of a program that was supposed to act as a safety net not provide a cushion for the rich to fall onto when we topple their dynasties.

I’ve developed a new and powerful curse!  May all those who make the laws be given only the choices of those who have to follow the laws.

Politicians should have only the choices in health care that we have!