Just to let you know! Twelve years ago, I survived Cancer, now it’s time to see if I can survive Medicare especially Part D.

By the way, I’ve been a nurse for over 30 years so I’m invested in helping people.  A lovely quirk, but one that belongs to most nurses and some doctors I know.

I felt that responsibility from the first time I wrote a book to try to share insider info with the people who would need it, to give them back some of the power that the secrecy of the Savage God Medicine had taken away.

When it got to be a best seller, I did get to do just what I wanted. I got to share the power by sharing the info from the inside. That was then.

Now, I have to try to help share information about Part D Medicare because between the jargon and the greed in Healthcare, every one of us will need as much help as we can get.

First getting through the jargon, then getting through the tricks, then getting past the outrage and finding out how we can best use what we’re stuck with now in order to get the most benefits we can.

My first look at Medicare Part D, made me a crazy person, but injustice usually does, and so I just thought I might as well put my knowledge, authority and tenacity to good use.

My outrage can wait until I find out even more to cut and paste to the politicians who will only know what I’m talking about when they have the same choices we do.

In the meantime, instead of one of the great adventures like discovering America, going to the moon, or stopping polio I figure we might as well explore the unchartered territory of Health Care. Unchartered because when you take the care out of Healthcare, it becomes Hell care.

But nothing can be all-bad, so I’m committed to this journey and to finding the best way to find the greatest benefits for each of us.

So come along and I’ll share everything I learn with you and maybe we’ll find all those secret passages, the greedy creatures who run the whole thing, think we won’t.

Or maybe we’ll find things they never thought about and are willing to change once they see the basic injustice of it all.

Who knows? I’m a nurse and a writer so I’m a great believer in Miracles. (edit)