Day 3:

1 – Okay, I can’t delay another minute, I have to tackle Healthcare again.

Medicare Part D which is just a cover for pharma and corporate greed.  I swear that street drugs are getting much cheaper than legitimate pharmaceuticals that a doctor prescribes.

Wonder if the feds are aware they’re fighting the wrong drug war?

I went for a walk today while the carpenters were flashing my windows so they wouldn’t leak, the clouds were soft and billowy and the sky was so blue. It’s hard to believe this is the same place crazy humans and their greed are going to wind up destroying.

I’d rather be writing beautiful books, with beautiful stories, to make people happy.  Instead, the only thing I can hope for is that I can ask enough questions, that enough other people ask, and we can somehow choose to go with what helps the most people.

I wonder why the Bible or the Constitution hasn’t been updated or amended?  I mean as the world changes, so do the rules.  But even if we kept it as it was, can you imagine Jesus saying to Lazarus, “Sorry Bud, can’t raise you from the dead cause you don’t have your co-pay.”

I was told the Bible taught we were our brother’s keepers but those rich guys at the top seem to spout religion when they preach pro-life when they really mean pro-birth.  Otherwise, they wouldn’t be against helping the neediest among us.

Anyway, back to Part D.  I’m just stalling.  I’m practically hoarse from asking questions and having customer service agents sound surprised.  Yesterday, everyone I spoke to told me that I knew more about it than they do.  All I asked was, “How come this year most of the medications are generics?”

“They save money,” one of the agents told me.

“I’m allergic to generics,” I told him.  “They throw me into shock, and one time I wound up in the hospital for 7 days cause I was hemorrhaging.”

“Too bad,” he said.

“Is there any plan that has brand name drugs?” I asked.  “I’d like to save money but I’d rather save my life.”

“I know,” the agent said.  “But if you keep searching, you’ll probably find a company or two that has some brand names they cover.  Otherwise maybe your doctor could ask for an exception.”

“But I thought you couldn’t ask for an exception until you were a member,” I said.  “And how can I decide what plan to join if I have nothing to compare?”

The young man said, ” I’m only 30.  They won’t even have that plan when I’m your age. And you already know more than I do about it.”

That should have fed my ego, raised me up a bit, but all I thought was, “Oh God, no, none of this makes sense. yet!”

It’s as though they put it all together in puzzle pieces with no vision of the whole or the overview.

Okay, back to the current Madness.

I’m going to check again to see if they’ve updated the comparison charts to see who has stars to compare.  Without stars to compare, and without the ability to compare the costs because no one will tell you who will give exceptions for brand name drugs, there’s no way to truly make a choice.  It’s like signing a blank check.