Day 10:

Today an insurance agent, Mr. Mubbles, is meant to come to tell me the advantages of the different insurance plans for Medicare Part D.

I told one of the Medicare agencies, on the phone not to try to send me anyone who wanted to sell me something, especially An Advantage Plan.

I have issues with Advantage Plans, though many people including my mom, didn’t.

OMG! The agent was very nice except once he looked at all my info, he insisted on calling customer care to double check whether what I found was true, and I told him to call his agent consultant line instead to check the prices.

When they weren’t the same as the numbers I’d been given, he was horrified.

On checking with the supervisor, it turned out only 3 of my 12 medications were covered.   None of the companies could give me any information about “exceptions.”

The poor agent was so upset, he left saying he’d never trust any online information again.

I explained I had gotten my numbers from the customer service person on the phone but that didn’t seem to make any difference.  He was inconsolable.

Egads!  That was after only 3 hours!

Still, it strengthened my resolve.  I’ll find an answer.

I know this story won’t be another crime and punishment story, since the pharmaceutical  companies can’t be held liable for breaking any anti trust laws since Boehner, Cantor, and McConnell created that law and it was passed in 2005.

So instead of another Grimm fairy tale, I’ll have to make it a Disney happily ever after.  I know there is a way!!  And if there is a way, I’ll find it.

I have to write up a free report on the 5 most important questions to ask, or steps to take to find the gifts hidden in Part D!

Unless there are 7!