Day 9:

We can Call it a “Charity Ball” or a “Pay it Forward” Party!

1- Have decided I’ll never get through all the plans to compare because I’ll die of old age by the time I get done. It takes too much time and energy, so I asked some of my younger friends to help.

Now I’m going to suggest that any senior who’s applying for Medicare especially Part D put together a party like a “Tupperware” party and ask the younger people to each take 3 names of insurance company plans and compare them!

2- Called the doctor and asked him for refills.  Also, had to ask him to call for “exceptions” or “rewrite my exception letter.”

He said “Sure” which means he’s either getting used to all this paperwork nonsense or he doesn’t want me to die of Medicare once I survived cancer et al.

On my blog, I’ll lists the steps and the order in which to take the steps that will work:

A- I’ll keep stressing the importance of the Formulary-the drug list.

B-I’ll tell them what questions to ask!

C-I’ll lead them to the specific papers they need and the language they need to use to get the most benefits.

D-And of course I’ll tell them about the pitfalls or potholes to watch out for. 🙂

I’ve been doing this for 4 years now and I’m pretty much an expert!

I have to put some of this stuff on my Facebook pages too so other nurses can help.  God know they volunteer to do so much, this would so help older people!

I did spend time online looking for the papers I’d need for an authorization for a representative (because I was told that appeals and exceptions are not taken seriously unless they’re accompanied by an authorized representative paper-more “old people can’t think discrimination” and so I’ll put my granddaughter on my authorization paper cause she’s a lawyer– though she tells me not to think in terms of the law until I can prove my “exceptions” were turned down!

Seems like a good point.  But so far what I see is that if you do enough research before you sign on with the limited information they give you, you might save yourself a whole lot of annoyance money and life energy later on…Let’s see if I’m right!!