Day 6:

Okay, after a night’s sleep and a few prayers, I’m in a better mood. I mean how hard can it be to find one plan that will cover most of my medications? Even if they are brand names?

I mean this is America, they say we have the finest Health Care. All I have to do is find a way to get it!

I’m learning more about Part D every day and I know, even if it’s like Alice falling down the rabbit hole, I am going to find my way into the land they live in. Health Care and Congress I mean.

I’ve called about 16 Insurance Companies and none have more than 2 or 3 of my drugs in their formularies. Shall I just fold and let Part D kill me with generics that I’m allergic to? Not yet. Can’t do it. Have to find a solution first!

Today, more insurance companies to call for coverage.

Blue MedicareRX Value (PDP) – Jaclyn – Smart, lovely, with a sense of humor. Still none of my brand names are covered.  Even the generics costs $95 for some cause they’re in Tier 4.

Called Medicare Customer Service is 1-800-633-4227- I told them the way they have it set up, it’s like signing a blank check…What person, even a senior in their right mind would do that?

They switched me over to a supervisor who told me I have to sign up for a plan when all the plans say “NOT IN FORMULARY” but I can put in an exception.  Still nobody knows if the exceptions will be accepted.  Blank check again!

A lovely woman, Kimberly, gave me the number to Quality Improvement Org

The great thing is that I’ve talked to some of the people who were very helpful–but also as horrified as I was– that there was no way to help.

I just called Quality Improvement.  They only work Mon to Friday 8-4pm.  Too bad.  I’ll have to call tomorrow.  Imagine if my last days are – spent fighting for healthcare with my insurance company?  What a waste of a life!