Been looking over the three best plans to compare.

Now I’ll call each insurance company to see what the criteria for “exceptions” is.  Without exceptions I can’t compare the cost of each plan because if a drug is not in the formulary, insurance companies treat it as though it doesn’t exist.

In past years, I have had my doctors put in “exceptions” and they were turned down even though the doctor said other drugs had caused atrial fib, hemorrhage, and swollen throat. He even said it could cause death.

Medicare, insurance companies, and CMS have a 4 or 5 point process for appeals but by the time I appealed enough times, the year was over and I had to pay thousands of dollars extra.

2:30O PM. Okay, just finished with my first call for Comparisons.

3 of my generics are covered.  8 of my regular brand name medications are not.

The idiocy of all this is that I keep finding out stuff that aggravates the piss out of me.

If I had a insurance plan as a regular person, I could compare what they offered with what I had to pay.  But with Medicare, I can’t compare because I’m kept from asking for “exceptions” till after I’ve enrolled and am a member.

Then I can enroll in another plan…but those rules are different and I’ll have to pay a penalty.

This seems like discrimination to me: I’m a Senior but I can still walk and talk and think.  Would they treat anyone else like this?

I have to call Civil Rights division of Medicare.

By the time I’m done with this, I’ll know everything that Medicare doesn’t offer.

3:03 PM- I’m going to call Senior Medicare Patrol which is supposed to educate, empower, detect and prevent Medicare fraud.  Let’s see how this works…

This whole thing is so wrong is so many ways…