Featured Nurse: Annette Tersigni R.N.

Expanding Consciousness in Health Care
a fresh, new brand of nursing education relieving stress, anxiety, pain, suffering

Annette Tersigni, R.N. (A.K.A. Yoga Nurse)


My name is Annette Tersigni. (Ter-See-Knee).?Top secret alias = The Yoga  Nurse(TM), a passionate rebel and founder of Yoga Nursing(TM).

I treat stress, anxiety, pain & depression- related to suffering in your body, your bank account, or both.

I serve and deliver a fresh, proven problem-solving Rx, and inspire nurses and their patients to take action with experiential, fun, feel good solutions.

I listen. I speak. I teach. I write. I care.

This is my story — condensed into 584 words. Just a mystical slice of the Internet — one page, amongst billions. And yet, you found me. How fated is that?

This may shock you, but it’s majestically true: I’ve been practicing yoga for 43 years. I know what you’re thinking — she doesn’t look a day over 35! It’s all those sun salutations, darling. Keeps me glowing + flowing.

But having that precious pair of letters — RN — at the end of my name gave me everything I wanted. Namely, the power and knowledge to serve both patients and fellow nurses with greater depth + devotion.
Back when I was just a young sprite of a girl, I gave birth to an autistic son with cerebral palsy. I couldn’t give him the care he needed, and the guilt sapped away at my soul.

Luckily, I met a few healers, teachers, saints + sinners who set me spiraling into my present-day journey. I studied Ayurvedic healing (way before it was trendy) with Deepak Chopra (way before he was famous).

Through years of stretching, seeking + illuminating study, I began to find my own dharma, or purpose. Turns out, I was destined to become a medical crusader — the creator of a healing modality the world had never seen. Yoga Nursing(TM) is my legacy. But I had to walk with pain, to find it.

As I stride into my sixth decade on earth, I’ve never felt younger, stronger, or more creatively active. I’ve learned that the truth is always in fashion. And I’m one seriously stylish yogini.

In addition to training + certifying legions of Yoga Nurses(TM), mentoring caregivers + healers to build stronger businesses, and speaking to audiences who want to enlighten UP, I’m the author of the #1 Amazon bestselling book, The Richest Woman in Babylon and Manhattan — a modern woman’s guide to lining your purse with gold, and illuminating your soul. Own it + love it!

After shaking several decades of wanderlust out of my system, I’ve settled in Beaufort, North Carolina, where the Bluegrass music is divine, the tea is mighty sweet, and the dolphins steal the show. Every time.

I’ve got big plans for my last 40 trips around the sun — like a global Yoga Nursing(TM) movement, rolling through universities, hospitals + cancer treatment centers in every major city — for starters. First we take Manhattan. Then we take Berlin. You know the tune.

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