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Enough said. End of About page. (Just kidding of course)
Transitions In Nursing (TIN) helps you to find, land, and transition into a career you enjoy (whether nursing or outside of nursing).

My name is Alicia-joy Pierre, RN  and I help nurses make positive career changes. Before I became a coach and writer, I had various nursing jobs. Some I tolerated, and others that I felt miserable in. Yes, I said it…….miserable. For those of you who can relate….I have been there. Now, I thoroughly enjoy what I do. I help nurses with their careers, I help people with the writing on their websites, and I have a few other coaching services. So how did I get from miserable with my career, to where I am today (loving what I do)?   Click here to read my story.

I know how it feels:

  • To start dreading your shift from the time you wake up (or worse yet, before you even go to sleep).
  • To feel that heaviness as you walk in the door of “oh crap…not another day of this *#@!!!!!!”
  • To be getting report and already dreaming of leaving at the end of your shift.

If you do not enjoy what you do, you are not being noble in any way to continue doing it. On the contrary, you are doing a disservice to yourself and your patients/coworkers/clients.

You owe it to yourself to either figure out how to start loving what you do OR make a plan and make a change. Within the field of nursing there are so many options for change.  Or maybe you are ready to leave nursing altogether. Don’t feel bad if you have that nagging feeling. Either way, you have options. And I would like to help you explore them.

If you’re ready to say:
*YES to finding work you enjoy going to every day.
*YES to leaving a toxic work environment once and for all.
*YES to making this year YOUR year to feel good about yourself and your career.

If you don’t yet know my story, I will tell you that my journey to finding work I enjoy wasn’t all peppermint and roses.

  • Everything didn’t immediately fall neatly into place like box of alcohol swabs.
  • There were nights I lay in bed asking myself: “what the *&%#!!! are you doing Alicia-joy?”
  • There were nay-sayers and negative nellys who told me repeatedly to “get real” and give up my dream.

But I felt….. I believed…… I KNEW that no matter what happened, whether I got what I wanted or didn’t, at the end of it all I would be able to look myself in the mirror and know that I had reached for the life I wanted. That I deserved.

And you wanna know what? That’s the sweetest victory of all. Ask yourself this: Are you ready to taste your victory?

Take the first step and join the Transitions In Nursing community.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/aliciapierre