That’s about where I am right now. I’m sorry that I haven’t kept in touch with all my good friends and peeps (who Facebook calls fans but I would never) but anytime I feel a big change coming in my life, I have to retreat, talk to myself and my inner guides for a while, get the real scoop about what’s going on, and then regroup in order to renew myself and discover my new path. I’ve always followed the iridescent arrows of fate and they’ve always led me where I’m meant to be.
So now that it’s a little clearer, I’ve decided that Healthcare –as it is today– doesn’t reflect any model of healing that I fit into! I have always depended on my spirits to guide me, my soul to help heal me, and my physical body to “connect” and serve others. But too much of healthcare today focuses on only the physical which leaves out two of the three dimensions of being human. Unfortunately or fortunately, I am able to honor my whole self only by redefining how I want to help heal. So it’s time to expand myself to include all aspects of me as a healer. New me; new model.
I have always had help in healing myself as well as those others I’ve helped to heal. I’ve had an inner voice to guide me way before it was popular to talk to yourself and that voice was clear as a bell. It came in pictures as well as words and helped me as a nurse as much as it did in my writing.
Often as I sat at the Nurses’ Station, I would hear a voice or get an impression that announced, “There’s trouble in Room 323.” The first few times I ignored it, and there really was trouble, but after that, I began to listen. “They” were always correct, and I learned to pay attention.
In my own personal life, they helped me more than anyone can know. They got me through my broken marriage, being a single mom, through several major illnesses including lung cancer and even saved me from being harmed when I bumped into a masked burglar in the middle of the night. When my grandson died, they were there to help support us, and whenever I needed help they were there as well.
So, now, I’ve decided to share their advice with others. I think our world has outgrown its stories and I feel I have a bigger story to tell. I believe our thoughts can help change our life, but not without our own inner guidance and imagery, the inclusion of prayer and help of the Universe. I don’t believe all healing is physical and I think it lacks compassion to judge those who are ill or have “less than” because we believe on some level they “cause” their own illness.
I am still a big believer in God and the Mystery and don’t believe any mind of man or woman can understand or control it all. But within my belief system, there is a knowing of a truth that we can be much more than we ever imagined we could be, and we can get a lot closer to the life we wish to live.
In my belief system– according to my guides– it is now a time of greater joy and creativity. But it’s also time to use our capacity to grow into our full humanity. We can only do that by waking up and becoming more aware of who we are.
To that end I have decided to gather together all the stories they’ve told me that helped make me who I am today. The stories that helped me be free of fear and grow stories of hope and human goodness. They are fun stories for the Inner Child and Wisdom stories for the Growing Ups.
The stories that allowed me to be happy in spite of Life’s “tragedies,” to be more successful than I had ever hoped to be, to live, travel, be loved fully as well as love fully, to be happy and healthy.
It’s a new chapter for me, and a new time for all of us. If you want to come along, I’m really happy to have you. I’ll be sending out emails to my list and posting whenever I’m sharing a new story. New Tales for a New Time called “The Yardsale of Life” subtitled “The Eight Coats of Meaning.”
Let’s make it a better world for all of us! For truly there is no “other.”
Thank you for joining me on the journey. I’ll keep you updated.
With Gratitude,