Imagine if everyone’s bank accounts were considered entitlements?
We wouldn’t accept it and Congress would think it was crazy. Especially if it included their bank accounts too.
Then imagine if the Healthcare that covers Congress suddenly had a hole in the middle where it was arbitrarily decided by a big corporation that the drugs they were all taking were no longer available to them even though they paid their premiums, their doctor ordered it, and it was approved by the FDA but Congress could say nothing about it.
Well, that’s what we’ve got. And that’s what they’re fighting to take away from us.
Instead of taking some of the profits away from the big corps to help those who are struggling, they’d rather “free enterprise” with unlimited corruption and greed.
Is it possible that those in Congress just don’t get it? Maybe the “group think” is just too strong? Or maybe they forgot the goal of the game was service?

As far as I’m concerned, my social security and Medicare isn’t an entitlement no matter what anyone calls it. I paid for it. Every year while I was working–and I still do. Congress collects the interest but it’s my money.
I pay more money for Medicare than my friend who has an individual policy does. Let me give you an example: The retail price of Aciphex –a drug for reflux and the only one I can take–for me is $308.00 and for her is $285.00. And that’s not the worst of it. While I pay $116.00 for my co-pay, she pays $30.00. You see I have Medicare Part D. My friend and I have different insurance companies, and therefore different formularies. So even if I pay for this out of my own pocket, it’s not considered a “TRUE out of pocket expense.”
But as long as the Republicans in government decide Big Pharma can’t be forced to charge fair prices because they pay big money for lobbyists, and lobbyists make promises to Senators and House Reps, we really don’t have a chance unless we’re ready to sue. And how many older people have the time, energy or the money to sue?

So maybe I really do understand “entitlements.” Big pharma and insurance companies are ENTITLED to be greedy and unfair and charge anything they want because they have the money and the power. Now I get it.

The rich get richer and there is no more middle class.

God, forgive me, so I can forgive them. Maybe they’re just dumb!