Carol Gino RN, MA, has been a nurse, author and teacher for many years. She has worked in all areas of nursing including Emergency Room, Intensive Care, the Burn Unit, Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Pediatric Intensive Care, and Hospice Care for the terminally ill.

Ms. Gino still coaches one-on-one with individual clients and acts as a Nursing consultant in Healing Imagery for Total Care Home Health Care agency. Her Masters in Transpersonal Studies focused on new modalities for healing, changes in consciousness, and cross-cultural healing.

Author, Carol Gino She’s the author or co-author of over 8 books, including Los Angeles Times and New York Times bestsellers. She has created several products and online programs for Nurses, Writers and those seeking their Higher Guidance.

She’s the author or co-author of over 8 books, including Los Angeles Times and New York Times bestsellers.

Ms. Gino has appeared on many television and radio shows including; The Today Show,  Charlie Rose,  Houston Live,  Regis, AM Los Angeles,  AM San Francisco and she has been featured in several publications: People MagazineNew York Magazine, American Journal of Nursing, Nursing and other Nursing journals.

Her first book, The Nurse’s Story was published by Simon and Schuster, sold to nine foreign countries and is still in print internationally.  It was a feature of  the Book of the Month Club and Nurses Book Club, was on Publisher Weekly’s list for six weeks and was #2 on the Los Angeles Times Bestsellers list.


The Nurse’s Story was serialized in the New York Daily News, Chicago Tribune and Washington Post and the screenplay was completed by Mario Puzo and submitted for a feature film or major TV series.

Carol Gino has been a featured guest on TV and Radio news programs

Ms. Gino’s second book Rusty’s Story sold 350,000 copies and again, Carol did a 15 city media tour. Rusty’s Story received the Epilepsy Association’s “National Book Award” and was on the New York Times bestseller list for 5 weeks. She also received the “Service Award” from the Epilepsy Association of Ohio and spoke to many epilepsy associations across the country. Ciba Geigy made her their spokesperson for the anti-convulsion drug, Tegretol and another media tour followed.

In 1997, Kensington Books published Carol Gino’s next book about the death of her grandson from SIDS: Then An Angel Came. Ms. Gino was a keynote speaker at the National SIDS Convention in Dallas Texas in 1997, and she was also a speaker at the Bereavement Convention in upstate New York, entitled “Helping Families Cope with Grief” in Tarrytown.

Carol was the longtime companion of the author, Mario Puzo for over 20 years, until his death in 1999, and in 2001 she completed his book The Family, which was published by Judith Regan of Harper Collins. It was a best seller.
Her latest book, a memoir titled, Me and Mario – Love, Power & Writing with Mario Puzo, author of The Godfather, offers an intimate look into the man and the myth and the magic between them. Often funny—sometimes raw—always true. It’s a journey of love, friendship and playful competition that pushed them both in life and writing. It was a creative partnership that spanned 2 decades. Filled with Puzo’s tips on storytelling, fellow authors and writers-to-be will love this inside-look into the mind and art of a legendary author and the woman who he chose as his closest friend and last love.