Recovery Pouch


12 Stones for 12 Steps

A Beautiful, treasure pouch with:
(yellow) – To promote change
Amethyst (purple) – Let go of the old and open to the new.
Pink Tourmaline (pink ) – Brings clarity and helps to discover your Higher Power
Sodalite (blue) – Helps release fear and welcome peace
Rhodochrosite (deep pink) – Powerful stone for forgiveness of self and others
Bloodstone (red and green) – A stone for assisting transitions
Clear Quartz – To directly know Higher Power
Unakite – Heals the self so you can heal others
Malachite (green) – Protection so you can connect to others
Rose Quartz (pink) – Heart healing
Lepidolite (purple) – Deep power connection to Spirit
Red Jasper (deep red) – Bringing earth work out into the physical world


Recovery Pouch – $45.00