Vital Signs Mediation MP3

Vital Signs Meditation Mp3

This is a guided meditation that will cultivate awareness of the body’s subtle changes. It will cleanse and cool the body’s energy, and restore a natural state of balance and harmony to enhance the body’s energy flow.

Healing Prism Meditation Mp3

Healing Prism Meditation Mp3

This is a guided meditation that empowers you through color and visualization to direct your natural energy flow to create and maintain a true sense of balance, clarity and wholeness.

Stress Relief Meditation Mp3

Stress Relief Meditation

This is a peaceful guided journey that calms the mind and relaxes the body by removing energetic blocks and restoring balance.

Fear into Love Meditation Mp3

Fear into Love Meditation Mp3

Fear is a belief. This gentle guided meditation uses color to empower you. It can transform your limiting emotions by tapping into that inner knowing and helps you to embrace the love vibration, offering you the fullness of your life experience.


Energy Meditation Mp3

Energy Mediation Mp3

This is a gentle guided meditation that assists you in channeling your natural energy flow by aligning yourself with nature’s gifts.