New Memoir by Carol Gino

  • Carol Gino and Mario Puzo, author of The Godfather
  • A relationship that spanned 2 decades
  • Explores Mario’s tips on writing
  • The Art of the Story
  • Love and Power
  • A Feminist with a Patriarch
  • Hollywood, Vegas, and Cannes
  • The politics of publishing
  • Reveals the appetites and excesses of the celebrity author

Beyond the shadows of The Godfather, there was the light of a Love Story

New York Times bestselling author Carol Gino offers an intimate portrait of her relationship with Mario Puzo, author of The Godfather. By Puzo’s side for twenty years, Gino reveals surprising details of their life and love, exploring the art of writing and publishing, with travels to Hollywood, Vegas, Cannes, Venice, and Sicily. Incl. 17 photos.

In a world that often lacks magic and passion, Carol Gino’s twenty-year love affair with The Godfather author Mario Puzo was full of both.

A nurse, Gino first met Puzo when she cared for his wife during the final days of her battle with cancer. Having already seen too much death to settle for an empty and passionless life, she was extricating herself from an unhappy marriage and intent on becoming a writer. Still raw from the death of his wife, Puzo was captivated by Gino’s wit and fearless sense of adventure and agreed to teach her the carpentry of writing. Thus began the relationship that Puzo would ultimately say “saved” his life and Gino’s life would never be the same.
Interspersed with many of Puzo’s insights about writing, inspiration and the balance between love and power, Me and Mario chronicles Gino’s transformation from a healer to a best-selling author along with the unfolding love story between a radical feminist and an unabashedly romantic patriarch. With humor, poignancy, and a candid forthrightness, Gino gives readers a rare and intimate glimpse inside the life of one of the world’s most beloved storytellers, and their unlikely but enduring love.

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I adored Mario Puzo and know why he adored Carol Gino. If you want to know what love is, read this and weep.

Judith Regan

Publisher “The Family”, by Mario Puzo and “The Godfather Notebook” by Francis Ford Coppola

These two unique souls make a union like no other…  It should be hard to capture this dynamic on the page…except Carol does it here so effortlessly. I knew both as writers but never knew what a love story they lived together. Until now.

Joni Evans

Editor, publisher, literary agent

This book is about life, living, and creativity. . . . Far more than just being about two people — it is a textbook on life and all its emotions, from pain to joy. It’s a book with a heart.

Bernie Siegel, MD

Author of "365 Prescriptions For The Soul" and "Love Medicine & Miracles"

Carol Gino, the other half of the Mario and Carol duo, has written a luminous portrait of the enchantment that happens when two people love deeply, work together on all levels and co-create wonders of living and invention.

Jean Houston

Author of "The Wizard of Us"

Carol Gino’s memoir is a love song, written in a key signature all its own.

M. J. Moore

Author of "For Paris ~ with Love & Squalor (A Novel)"

Beautifully written! The magic of conversation, the magic of exchanging philosophies — the true magic of love. I sobbed and laughed along with them. Quite honestly, I’ve been holding back finishing — unlike me — because I want everything to last longer.

Lou Ann Walker

Author of "For Paris ~ with Love & Squalor (A Novel)"

The trips to Malibu, Vegas and Cannes ring true. . . . sounds like the old man.

Anthony Puzo

Editor and Mario’s eldest son

Gino delivers a readable, intimate look at an important figure in 20th century popular culture. Puzo fans will appreciate this book, as will anyone interested in how two strong personalities can flourish together.

Blueink Review

About the Author

Carol Gino is a registered nurse with a MA in Transpersonal Psychology whose twenty+ year career has included experience in almost every area of health care, from critical care nursing to hospice to teaching.

The Nurse’s Story was her first book, and her articles have appeared in New York magazine, Nursing, American Journal of Nursing, and The Chicago Tribune. She has done several cross-country media tours advocating patient rights and to change the Image of Nursing.

Several book clubs chose the Nurse’s Story and it was published in 9 foreign countries.

Her other books are:
Nurse’s Story – New York Times bestseller
Rusty’s Story – New York Times bestseller
Then An Angel Came – Award Winner
There’s An Angel In My Computer
Yardsale of Life and The 8 Coats of Meaning
Where Dreams Come True
Me and Mario
The Azurite

Carol Gino spent 20 years in a relationship with Mario Puzo, author of “The Godfather”. After his death in 1999, she completed his manuscript of “The Family,” which was also a best seller.