Angels and Addicts: Twelve Steps for Everyone

Recover the life you were born to live!

This book introduces the twelve steps for everyone wanting to “recover” the life they were born to live. It is a spiritual journey based on the 12 step method of recovery. Each step has an explanation to expand your understanding, a meditation to connect you and an Angel to guide you.

About the Author

Teri Costlow Griswold LopezTeri Costlow Griswold Lopez AC/ADS is an addictions counselor also co-founder of Serenity Star Recovery Center in Smithville Texas. She is a SIDS parent and Past President of the SIDS foundation Long Island Chapter. Teri is a writer, editor, a public speaker and a spiritual counselor. She has four living children, three grandchildren, and lives with her partner in Texas.


Recovering Life!

This inspiring little book (just the right size for a bedside table) takes a fresh look at recovery. As Teri Griswold defines it “to recover the soul and the life you were born to live.” Simple steps – That’s why they work for addicts! – and daily meditations take you on a spiritual journey of self exploration and improvement. For seekers everywhere.


Very Enlightening

A friend of mine had this book sitting on the table so I picked it up and started reading. Having never attended anything “AA” I thought I would find no interest in it but I was very wrong. This book is about life. Period. For everyone. It explains how to reach your higher potential, how to be kinder to yourself and how to love others in all their glorious imperfection as well as yourself. I was touched by the angel poems and even tried some of the meditations (which worked!) and I now find myself feeling more relaxed on a daily basis. Buy the book – you won’t regret it!


Truly Inspirational

This book truly touched me. I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to connect with their higher purpose.